Prof. Anastassiou's Lab Wins Top Spot in First Round of Breast Cancer Prognosis Challenge

September 14, 2012

Professor Anastassiou's lab has won the first round of a widely observed "breast cancer prognosis challenge," in which many top systems biology labs around the world participate. The challenge, organized by Sage Bionetworks and the DREAM project is described here.

The organizers hope that this effort will lead to improved ways of diagnosing and treating the disease. The journal Science Translational Medicine has agreed to publish the final winning model in a paper without additional review (accepting the "challenge-assisted peer review"). View the announcement, in which Wei-Yi Cheng, a Ph.D. student in Prof. Anastassiou's lab, describes the computational methodology, "attractor metagenes," used in the winning prediction that he submitted on behalf of the group.