Part-Time Academic Positions for Students

The department has a number of part-time academic positions that are open to students each semester:

Teaching Assistant (TA)

Roughly 20 hrs./week with significant responsibility, including extensive interaction with students. 

Course Assistant (CA)

Roughly 10-15 hrs./week, including interaction with students. Generally filled by MS students who have the particular type of experience. Compensation is processed bi-weekly via payroll.

Lab Assistant (LA)

Roughly 10 hrs./week, including helping students during undergraduate teaching lab sessions and grading. Generally filled by students who have taken the course. Compensation is processed bi-weekly via payroll.

Grader (GR)

Roughly 10 hrs./week, primarily dealing with homework assignments, solutions, and potentially some assistance with assignments. Compensation is processed bi-weekly via payroll.

Application Process

To apply submit this short online application. The number of open positions each semester is relatively small and anyone interested is encouraged to place his or her name in the applicant pool. The forms are used to help find potential matching candidates when positions arise - CVs and interviews may be requested later, but are not needed initially. If you get a follow-up response, it will likely be by the third week of the semester as enrollment numbers settle. But searches do occasionally occur later if a course is determined to need extra help at that time, so there is no clear end to the hiring process. Please submit a new application for each semester any time between early registration and the start of classes. Applications are kept on file and searched for candidates as instructors request assistance, so the hiring process continues throughout the semester.