Electrical Engineering Distinguished Lecture Series

APRIL 1, 2022
Don Towsley, Distinguished Professor at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst
The Quantum Internet: Recent Advances and Challenges

NOVEMBER 19, 2019
Professor Dimitri A. Antoniadis, MIT Microsystems Technology Laboratories, Cambridge, Massassachusetts
Past, Present and Future of High-Performance-Logic Transistor Technology

NOVEMBER 7, 2019
Dr. Tim Grayson, DARPA, Director STO
Mosaic Warfare: Monolith Busting

APRIL 15, 2019
Prof. Anna Scaglione, Professor of Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering, Arizona State University
On Modeling Dispatchable Loads in Grid Operations

MARCH 27, 2019
Prof. Richard D. Gitlin, Distinguished University Professor, University of South Florida
Perspectives on 5G/Internet of Things (IoT) and 6G/Internet of InVivo Things (IoIT)

FEBRUARY 12, 2019
Dean Jelena Kovačević, William R. Berkley Professor and Dean, Tandon School of Engineering, New York University
From Biomedical Imaging to Online Blogs: Graph Signal Processing

JANUARY 28, 2019
Prof. Mihaela van der Schaar, John Humphrey Plummer Professor of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Medicine, University of Cambridge
Learning Engines for Healthcare: Using Machine Learning to Transform Clinical Practice and Discovery

SEPTEMBER 13, 2018
Prof. Richard M. Osgood, Jr., Higgins Professor Emeritus of Electrical Engineering and Applied Physics, Columbia University
Laser Research and the Evolution of Science in Our Time: A Personal Perspective Looking for New Science, Finding New Applications

APRIL 14, 2017
Jim Kurose (Assistant Director Directorate of Computer & Information Science & Engineering (CISE) National Science Foundation)
An Expanding and Expansive View of Computing

DECEMBER 8, 2017
Alan Willner (Chair, University of Southern California)
High-Capacity Optical and Millimeter- Wave Wireless Communications using Multiplexing of Multiple Orbital-Angular- Momentum Beams

DECEMBER 1, 2017
Siddharth Ramachandran (ECE Department & Photonics Center, Boston University)
Light That Twists Inside Fibers

OCTOBER 25, 2016
Thomas L. Marzetta (Bell Labs Fellow, Nokia Bell Labs)
From Armstrong, Through Shannon, to Massive MIMO: 100 Years of Wireless Technological Progress

APRIL 12, 2016
Professor Xingde Li (Department of Biomedical Engineering, John Hopkins University)
Label-free Optical Micro Imaging of Tissue Histology in vivo

APRIL 7, 2016
Professor Rod C. Alferness (Dean of the College of Engineering, UC, Santa Barbara)
Leveraging Research for Economic Value Through University, Industry, Government Partnerships- A Photonics Example

OCTOBER 27, 2015
Raymond Beausoleil (HP Fellow, Large-Scale Integrated Photonics)
VLSI Photonic Quantum Technologies Classical IT

OCTOBER 20, 2015
Professor Scott Jordan (Chief Technologist, FCC)
Intersections between Networking Research and Pubic Policy

OCTOBER 9, 2015
Krish Prabhu (President AT&T Labs & Chief Technology Officer, AT&T)
Delivering a Software-based Network Infrastructure

SEPTEMBER 30, 2015
Martin Vetterli (Professor, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne and Swiss National Science Foundation)
On Location: Euclidean Distance Matrices, Theory, Algorithms, and Applications

MARCH 30, 2015
Mau-Chung Frank Chang (Professor/Chairman, Electrical Engineering Department, University of California, Los Angeles)
Is Terahertz a Communication Waste Land or a Vibrant Frontier?

DECEMBER 2, 2014
Jan Rabaey (Professor and Co-Director, Berkeley Wireless Research Center, University of California, Berkeley)
A Roadmap to Long-Term Brain-Machine Interfaces

NOVEMBER 7, 2014
Cherry Murray (Dean, School of Engineering and Applied Science, Harvard University)
Educating the 21st Century Scientist and Engineer

OCTOBER 22, 2014
Shlomo Shamai (Distinguished Professor, Chair in Communications, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology)
Cognitive Radio Networks: An Information Theoretic Perspective

OCTOBER 15, 2014

David Miller (Professor, Electrical Engineering and Applied Physics, Stanford University)
How to Design Any Linear Optical Component - and How to Avoid It

OCTOBER 14, 2014
Gerald Faulhaber (Professor Emeritus, Business Economics and Public Policy Dept., Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania; Professor Emeritus, Law School, University of Pennsylvania)
Near and Far - Whither Telecoms/Internet Policy?

OCTOBER 3, 2014
Albert Greenberg (Director of Networking, Microsoft Azure)
Software Defined Networking for the Cloud

FEBRUARY 7, 2014
Susan Crawford (Harvard Law School)
It's Just Like Electricity: High-Speed Internet Access in America

NOVEMBER 15, 2013
Jose Moura (Professor, Carnegie Mellon University)
Signal Processing for Networked Data