Nanoscale Structures and Integrated Devices

The area of Nanoscale Structures and Integrated Devices applies fundamental physical principles to develop revolutionary new electronic, photonic, and optical devices made from conventional and emerging materials, including graphene, 2D semiconductors, and organic semiconductors. Research includes nanofabrication, characterization, and electromagnetic design of quantum device structures and complex silicon photonic circuits that impact numerous fields from Lidar and optogenetics to low-energy computation and flexible electronics.


Professor IconKeren Bergman

Arrow Research areas:  Large-Scale Optical Switching Fabrics, Optical Interconnection Networks for High-Performance Computing, Optical Interconnection Networks for Data Center Computing Systems, Integrable Interconnection Network Systems and Subsystems, Inter-Chip Multi-Processor Interconnection Networks, and Intra-Chip Multi-Processor Interconnection Networks.

Professor IconPaul Diament
Professor Emeritus

Professor IconIoannis (John) Kymissis

Arrow Research areas:  Solid state devices, organic electronics, thin film systems.

Professor IconDion Khodagholy
Assistant Professor

Arrow Research areas: Bioelectronics, Conformable Electronics, Mixed Conducting (ionic and electronic) polymer devices, Biosensors, Neural Interface Devices, Translational Devices, Systems Neuroscience, Computational Neuroscience.

Professor IconMichal Lipson

Arrow Research areas: Novel Photonic Materials and Fabrication, Silicon Photonics and Non-Reciprocity, Nano-Magnetism and Thermal Control, Nanophotonics for Neuroscience, Optomechanics, Nonlinear and Quantum Optics, and Sensing and Optofluidics.

Professor IconRichard Osgood
Professor Emeritus

Arrow Research areas:  Integrated optical devices and design, surface physics of oxides, semiconductors and metals, new laser sources, advanced electronic materials (oxides, semi conductors) and optical physics and simulation.

Professor IconJames T. Teherani
Assistant Professor

Arrow Research areas:  Emerging materials and devices (e.g., 2D transition metal dichalcogenides), strain engineering, high-mobility transistors, tunneling transistors (TFETs), and quantum device structures.

Professor IconWen Wang


Columbia Laboratory for Unconventional Electronics

Prof. Ioannis Kymissis

Location IconSchapiro CEPSR 10LE1

Laboratory Light Surface Interactions

Prof. Richard Osgood

Location IconMudd, 13th Floor

Laboratory for Photonic Devices

Prof. Richard Osgood

Location IconMudd, 13th Floor

Molecular Beam Epitaxy Lab

Prof. Wen Wang

Location Icon1238 Mudd

Lightwave Research Lab

Prof. Keren Bergman

Location Icon8LW1 CEPSR

The Teherani Group

Prof. Jamie Teherani

Location Icon1003 Northwest Corner Building

Lipson Nanophotonics Group

Prof. Michal Lipson

Location Icon9LW5, 9LE2 & 9LE3 CEPSR

Translational NeuroElectronics Laboratory

Prof. Dion Khodagholy

Location Icon1227 Mudd

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