My name is Raina Ranaghan. As the Career Placement Officer for the Department of Electrical Engineering, I take pride in getting to know my students, their current and future career goals and translating those goals into jobs with an option to meet one-on-one for career coaching/group workshops. Below you will find valuable links from the Center for Career Education and external sites that will help you build skills for your future. Coupled with this, I will be working to partner with industry and the larger resources within the Columbia community to deliver events and workshops. Please contact me directly if you wish to schedule a meeting to discuss your career goals and objectives.

Your career journey with EE starts now. We achieve high placement rates among our students across a wide variety of employers and technical fields. We have placed students across the US and in diverse countries each year.

Below is a roadmap to this journey, with various different signposts and markers to guide you.


We start working with you on your career development plans before you arrive. Before the program starts, you will research roles, companies, and industries, and update your resume to reflect your career interests. We look forward to helping you prepare for your interviews and networking opportunities, in addition to tailoring your job search to your specific career interests. 


Our students are fortunate to have a number of successful career tracks to choose from and find placement in the following categories such as: Semiconductors, Technology/Internet, Financial Services/Consulting, Academia/Government, Industry/Oil/Energy etc. Our students find employment in small, medium and large firms around the world. Career Placement and salary varies and is dependent on one’s interests, skills, strengths, job-search activity, career exploration and self-exploration. 


Starting at orientation and extending through Fall, we offer a Professional Development Course (ENGI E4000), which includes lectures and workshops to develop your resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, networking and interviewing skills, and more. 


You can make an appointment to discuss your career interests and job search process.


Half of our job is working directly with employers. We have an employer database of industry contacts, many of whom are alumni, to help you with your internship or job placement. During any given week, you have access to the following:

  • Job postings are shared regularly for internship and full-time opportunities  
  • On-campus recruitment that includes employer info sessions, interviews, and alumni networking events
  • Off-campus recruitment that includes on-site employer visits and networking opprotunites for current students and alumni
  • We also create resume books for our employer contacts to access


The Center for Career Education is a central Columbia University office for all students to attend walk-in hours, schedule appointments, participate in on campus recruiting and attend career fairs, career workshops and industry showcases in their area of interest. This office has strong employer relationships and partnerships in all career tracks.


Many of our students complete one or more internships during their academic career. The summer is the most popular time to do full-time internships and the fall and spring semesters allow students to participate in part-time internships depending on work status individual internship requirements. Internships are found all over the United States and outside of the United States as well. Some popular internship locations include NY, CA, TX, NJ, CT and China.

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