The department has a number of part-time academic positions that are open to students each semester. Please see the faculty positions page for further details on positions offered.

A Guide for New Graduate Students, which includes a checklist for new graduate students, can be found by following the link to

MS students are assigned temporary advisors by research area when they arrive to the school. Students are free to consult with any of the MS program advisors as they progress through the program. Note that some decisions (such as which courses students may take  from a non-traditional set of courses) have to be made/approved by the program, rather than an individual advisor. Student are required to contact the dept. academic affairs to consult on those.

Useful information for course planning can be found by following the link to course flowcharts.

A program checklist for the Master of Science in Electrical Engineering can be found here.

An itinerary, which includes the overview of the presentations given in the previous year’s Graduate Student Orientation, is available by linking to

No. Courses taken for Pass/Fail will not be counted towards the required program credits.

Yes. However, only 4000+ level courses will be considered towards the successful completion of the MS program.

For information on how to apply for a social security number, please follow the link to

Yes. There are exceptions made for international students who wish to drop a course that would affect their registration as a full-time status student. Please follow the link to for information regarded Reduced Course Load (RCL).

For information on how to invite family and/or friends to visit you in the United States, please follow the link to

Students who need to take time off from the program will need to petition Graduate Student Affairs (GSA) by completing a Change of Status Request form found at . In addition to the completed form, students need to include a written and signed letter explaining the need for the LoA. Forward the completed Change of Status Request form and explanation letter to the attention of Elsa Sanchez at [email protected]. Additional LoA information for International students can be viewed by following the link to

Columbia University is committed to providing a learning, living, and working environment free from discrimination, harassment and gender-based and sexual misconduct. Consistent with this commitment and with applicable laws, the University does not tolerate discrimination, harassment or gender-based or sexual misconduct in any form and it provides students who believe that they have been subjected to conduct or behavior of this kind with mechanisms for seeking redress. For additional information, please follow the link to

Information on the campus resources that are provided to students can be found by linking to

Information on the school’s student organizations can be found by linking to

Because the Degree Audit Report (DAR) cannot always capture every possible course that would satisfy a requirement for the program, the information listed should not be taken at face-value. Please contact Elsa Sanchez ([email protected]) if you have any questions on your DAR.

SSOL refreshes every 24 hours. If you do not see your update(s) by the next business day, please contact the Office of Registrar at

Information regarding the school’s policy on Academic Integrity can be viewed by following the link to