Smart Electric Energy

The smart electric energy area focuses on the optimization of the generation, conversion, distribution, and consumption of electric energy as well as the electrification of energy systems. Research spans the analysis, design, and control of power electronics, motor drive, and energy storage systems, grid resilience and security, and Internet-of- Things. Applications include transportation electrification, smart grid, renewable energy, and smart building systems.


Professor IconJames Anderson
Assistant Professor

Arrow Research areas:    Distributed control for cyber-physical systems, optimal power flow, and data privacy.

Professor IconDaniel Bienstock
Liu Family Professor

Arrow Research areas:  Mathmatical Programming Optimization.  

Professor IconXiaofan (Fred) Jiang
Assistant Professor

Arrow Research areas:  Cyber physical systems and data analytics, smart and sustainable buildings, mobile and wearable systems, environmental monitoring and control, and connected health & fitness.  

Professor IconVijay Modi

ArrowResearch areas:  Cyber Energy-efficient and low-emission built environment and mobility. Sensing/control and grid interactivity of loads for a smart grid. Resource adequacy modeling for grids. Role of storage, demand side and distributed resources. 

Professor IconMatthias Preindl
Assistant Professor

Arrow Research areas:  Optimal control, power electronics, motor drives, electrified transportation, renewable energy, smart grid.

Professor IconKen Shepard

Arrow Research areas:  Bioelectronics, biotic/abiotic interfaces, single-molecule diagnostics, CMOS integrated circuit design for biomedical applications, power electronics, carbon electronics.

Professor IconXiaodong Wang

Arrow Research areas:  Bioinformatics, Genomic Signal Processing.

Professor IconBolun Xu
Assistant Professor

Arrow Research areas:  Power systems, electricity markets, energy storage, multi-energy systems, renewable energy

Professor IconGil Zussman

ArrowResearch areas:  Wireless networks and systems including cross-layer considerations, full-duplex, multicast video, throughput optimization, energy-harvesting, and Medium Access Control. Resilience of computer networks and the power grid to large scale attacks.


Bioelectric Systems Laboratory

Prof. Ken Shepard

Location Icon701 Northwest Corner Building

Signal Processing and Communications Lab

Prof. Xiaodong Wang

Location Icon717 CEPSR

Wireless and Mobile Networking Lab

Prof. Gil Zussman

Location Icon850E1, 801 CEPSR

Intelligent and Connected Systems Lab

Prof. Xiaofan (Fred) Jiang

Location Icon1003 Northwest Corner Building

Motor Drives and Power Electronics Laboratory

Prof. Matthias Preindl

Location IconMudd 1233

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