SAE Team Wins Competitive Tesla Formula Student Battery Sponsorship

February 08, 2022

Columbia University Formula Racing is incredibly excited to announce that Tesla has chosen to support our team through the Tesla Formula Student Battery Sponsorship. Tesla is generously funding pre-built battery modules for our accumulator as well as offering the advice of their engineers. We are honored to receive this sponsorship and Tesla's support as we build our first electric car.

"Our team is incredibly excited to have Tesla's support in building our first electric car and working towards our mission to educate and develop the next generation of engineers and leaders for a sustainably driven future." -Sophia Ladyzhets (President, Columbia University Formula Racing)

In addition to Tesla, we would like to thank the Mechanical and Electrical Engineering departments at Columbia University for supporting the team and helping us move forward despite the challenges of the pandemic. In particular, we appreciate Professor Jeffrey W. Kysar, Professor Josh Browne, Professor Matthias Preindl, Bill Miller, Milko Milkov, and Dean Shih-Fu Chang. We also recognize the efforts of Sophia Ladyzhets (President, SEAS ‘22), Ourania Stouraiti (Co-Chief Electrical Engineer, SEAS ‘23), and Elaine Kharbanda (Vice President of Business Affairs, CC ‘24) towards securing this sponsorship. We could not have accomplished anything without the many efforts of our entire team and would like to express our appreciation for all of our general body members who make our progress possible.

"The electric Columbia University Formula SAE Racing (eCUFR) effort started 3 years ago with strong support of the Columbia University Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science, Department of Electrical Engineering, and Department of Mechanical Engineering. In the second electric vehicle design, the team decided to focus on the battery energy storage system and implemented a novel and modular battery pack. The competitive Tesla battery sponsorship greatly supports the effort and highlights the importance to pursue innovative novel solutions in automotive engineering." - Matthias Preindl, Associate Professor in Power Electronic Systems and eCUFR Faculty Adviser.