2019 EE/CE MS Student Project Expo

The 2019 Columbia EE/CE MS Student Project Expo took place at the end of the Fall semester. Fifty teams presented projects ranging from a baby cradle that can monitor a baby’s behavior to a device that can track and take care of small plants.

Eliese Lissner
October 30, 2019

Students developed their projects in the Internet of Things course, taught by Professor Fred Jiang; the Heterogeneous Computing for Signal and Data Processing course, taught by Professor Zoran Kostic; the Optical Systems course, taught by Professor Christine Hendon; as well as MS students working on research projects. Hendon, Kostic, and Professor James Teherani served as judges.

Winning first prize was Kill-a-Watt, by Sayaan Nawaz, Louisa de la Maza and Obinna Umeh.

Kill-a-Watt is an end-to-end system that helps you “kill a watt” by integrating both hardware and software to help you minimize power consumption. The system uses nonintrusive load monitoring and an android app to let users participate in demand response events, track their real-time energy usage and remotely control their devices through relays. 

“This was an amazing and unexpected end to my MS experience at Columbia! I’m so thankful for all the guidance and support from my professors and classmates,” said Louisa de la Maza. 

Students at expo

The two second prize-winning projects were Optical Systems of Nocturnal and Diurnal Geckos, by Megan Noga; and Drone Mailbox by Peter Luca Malinverni, Axel Jansson and Archit Ajay Kapoor.

Optical Systems of Nocturnal and Diurnal Geckos, was designed to model the optical systems of geckos using anatomical measurements available in scientific literature. The models demonstrate how multifocal lenses allow nocturnal geckos to see at night, achieving similar results to measurements from live animals without subject injury or fatality. Drone Mailbox focused on a smart mailbox that can communicate with delivery drones as opposed to meeting the drone in the middle of an open space.

The three third prize-winning projects were Accelerated Discrete Wavelet Transform, by Kaylo Littlejohn and Jiang Yao; Parallel Particle Swarm Optimizations by Austin Ebel; and Efficient Optical Coupling from Micro LED for on-chip Applications by Zicong Huang.

The EE/CE MS Student Project Expo is an annual event that allows students to share their research and findings to a wide group of fellow students, professors and guests.

To view more photos from the Expo check out the EE Flickr page here.