EE PhD Student Kevin Kwock Receives Department of Energy National Nuclear Security Administration Laboratory Residency Graduate Fellowship

Eliese Lissner
May 04, 2020

EE PhD Student Kevin Kwock has received the Department of Energy National Nuclear Security Admiistration Laboratory Residency Graduate Fellowship.

Fellows work and study in residence at one or more of four approved DOE NNSA facilities for a minimum of two 12-week periods and full tuition and stipend will be provided for 4 years.

Kwock currently works in Prof. P. James Schuck’s group in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. The group is primarily interested in studying and engineering light-matter interactions in novel low-dimensional material systems for applications in nanophotonic devices.

Over the next four years, he will work closely with the Schuck and Hone groups at Columbia to study nonlinear frequency generation in TMD materials. As per the fellowship requirements, he will also become a resident at the Center for Integrated Nanotechnologies at Los Alamos National Laboratory and Sandia National Laboratories. During these residencies, Kwock will work closely with Dr. Rohit Prasankumar on investigatin  g nonlinear materials with ultrafast pump-probe spectroscopy and with Dr. Igal Brener on studying metamaterial fabrication, both of whom are experts in nanophotonics research. 

 “I am honored to receive this fellowship and truly look forward to the professional networks I will establish as a fellow in the LRGF program. It is also exciting that I will be able to tackle research challenges in materials and nanophotonics that are relevant to national security. With the enthusiastic support of my PI, Prof. Jim Schuck, and the research capabilities of Los Alamos National Laboratory and Columbia University combined, I am positive my time as a fellow will lead to productive results,” said Kwock.