Xinwen Yao and Rajinder Singh-Moon win poster awards at 2016 OSA Biomedical Optics Congress

June 01, 2016
Xinwen Yao

Xinwen Yao and Rajinder Singh-Moon, PhD students in Professor Christine Hendon’s Structure-Function Imaging Laboratory group, won poster awards at the 2016 OSA Biomedical Optics Congress.  

Xinwen (Student Poster Presentation Award Winner - Towards in vivo High-resolution OCT Based Ductal Imaging) presented her research on the design and development of optical instrumentation for ultra-high- resolution (UHR) optical coherence tomography (OCT) and how this UHR OCT technique can be used for medical imaging of heart muscle and breast tissue.

Rajinder Singh-Moon

Rajinder (Student Poster Presentation Award Finalist - Optical Spectroscopy Facilitated Characterization of Acute Atrial Lesions) presented his work on computational modeling of optical spectroscopy catheters and its application towards real time diagnosis and guidance of rhythm disorder treatment. 

It is a great honor for Xinwen and Rajinder to be recognized for the excellence of their research and its presentation in poster format. Biomedical Optics Congress Chairs and Program Committee Members studied all student posters and selected award winners based on technical content, display, and overall presentation.

Congratulations Xinwen and Rajinder!