Workshop on the Future of Networking and the Internet

May 06, 2009

On June 1-2, the Bell Labs' Chief Scientist Office and INRIA (Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et en Automatique) will host a workshop on the "Fundamentals of Communications and Networking" in Murray Hill, New Jersey.  The goal of the workshop is to explore and identify common ground for future research collaborations between Bell Labs and INRIA in this area.  

The focus of the 2-day workshop will be on fundamental research in areas of mutual interest, including applied mathematics and computer science, in which INRIA is a top research institute in France. There will be about 14 visiting INRIA researchers making presentations and an equal number of presentations drawn from Bell Labs. 

Following the workshop, on June 3, an open meeting on the "Future of Networking and the Internet" will take place in Murray Hill.  The purpose of this meeting is to have an open exchange of ideas between INRIA, Bell Labs, and several US-based thought leaders in this area. INRIA is taking the lead on next-generation Internet in Europe. 

Both the workshop and the open meeting will be open to visitors.

For those interested in attending, please register (at no cost) by May 21, 2009. The registration link and further information located is at