Prof. Krishnaswamy's Group Featured by DARPA

April 05, 2013

Assistant Professor Harish Krishnaswamy's group's research and contributions have recently been featured on DARPA's website. Under the DARPA ELASTx program, the CoSMIC lab recently demonstrated a world-record power amplifier in CMOS that generates watt-level output power at millimeter-wave frequencies. The result will be presented by CoSMIC lab students at the upcoming IEEE RFIC Symposium conference to be held in Seattle in June.

Millimeter-wave power amplifiers have been demonstrated at this power level before, but this is a record with silicon-based technologies, said Sanjay Raman, DARPA program manager. Producing this level of output with silicon may allow integration on a chip with complex analog and digital signal processing. In the 42-25 GHz range, this would enable high bandwidth/data-rate transmitters needed for satellite communications at potentially very low cost and size, weight and power.

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