Prof. Debasis Mitra Receives NSF Award and is Offering Research Opportunities

May 07, 2014

Prof. Debasis Mitra and Co-PI Prof. Qiong Wang (UIUC), have received a three-year NSF Award for collaborative research on "Research in Industrial Laboratories: Sustainability, Investments and Structures, with Implications for Science Policy.” The project will look at models of research at Bell Labs, Google, Microsoft and other industrial laboratories, the changing environment of corporate research, options to mitigate declining corporate contributions to R&D, and the implications for science policy. The research area is rich in problems with key branches to engineering, economics, business and science policy.

Prof. Mitra is seeking a research assistant with technical capabilities and interest in methodological development and/or modeling and analysis of industrial research management structures and policy implications. The graduate student should have a strong foundation in dynamical systems, stochastic processes and economics; added pluses are knowledge of statistics and competence in programming. The award includes funding for two graduate students.

If you are interested in applying for the research assistant opportunity, please contact Professor Mitra at debasismitra AT