Prof. Christine Hendon Hosts the 2nd Annual Summer Community Outreach Event

September 29, 2016

This past summer Assistant Professor Christine Hendon hosted several visits from local K-12 summer programs and middle schools on campus to introduce students to Electrical Engineering. The students were treated to presentations by Assistant Professor James Teherani and Assistant Professor Mingoo Seok, along with lab tours and demonstrations. This is the second year that the middle school visited Columbia’s EE department, and Professor Hendon hopes to implement a yearly summer series. She initiated the idea of small scale visits for K-12 students interested in Engineering, in summer 2015 with the assistance of the SEAS Outreach Programs. In addition to her own efforts, Professor Hendon was a guest speaker at the Hk Maker Lab Hypothekid program which is run by Dr.Aaron Kyle of the Biomedical Engineering Department.