PhD Candidate Hyunwoo Nam and Profs. Doru Calin and Henning Schulzrinne Receive WCNC 2015 Best Student Paper Award

April 03, 2015

Ph.D. student Hyunwoo Nam, Electrical Engineering Adjunct Professor Doru Calin (Director, High Performance Wireless Technologies and Networks at Alcatel Lucent Bell Labs), and Prof. Henning Schulzrinne received the Best Paper Award at IEEE WCNC 2015 for their paper, "Intelligent Content Delivery over Wireless via SDN". The paper describes how end-to-end Internet services can be achieved in mobile networks such as 4G using software-defined networking (SDN). They introduced high-level architecture, possible use-cases, and experimental results in Wi-Fi networks to show the feasibility of their approaches.

Hyunwoo Nam is currently a Ph.D. candidate in Columbia University's electrical engineering department. He is working at the Internet Real-Time lab (IRT) under supervision of Prof. Henning Schulzrinne. His professional interests are in analysis of video streaming and intelligent content delivery over wireless networks. His collaboration with Bell Labs and Verizon focuses on capacity planning for wireless networks, analysis of adaptive bitrate streaming technologies, and future networks such as SDN and NFV for intelligent content delivery over wireless.