Jiang Named Founding Treasurer and Member of the Executive Committee of ACM Special Interest Group on Energy

March 01, 2021

Xiaofan (Fred) Jiang, an associate professor of electrical engineering in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Columbia University, has been named the founding treasurer and member of the Executive Committee of the new Special Interest Group on Energy (SIGENERGY) of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM).


ACM SIGENERGY brings together an inter-disciplinary group of researchers with diverse backgrounds in sensing, modeling, optimization, control, network and systems design, and experimentation to discuss and address key challenges in future energy systems, and their impact on society.

Its Executive Committee says there is an urgent need to bring together researchers from a variety of computing disciplines to address this grand challenge. "In this context, we are pleased to announce the formation of a new ACM Special Interest Group on Energy - SIGENERGY - which will provide a forum for researchers and practitioners who use computational methods and technologies for designing and optimizing energy systems to reduce their carbon footprint."

Jiang and his group at Columbia Intelligent and Connected Systems Laboratory are conducting research in cyber-physical human systems that aims to apply computing and AI methods to improve energy efficiency, health, and safety in urban cities. This research has won numerous awards at ACM BuildSys, a major research conference in the field sponsored by SIGENERGY.

Prior to the formation of SIGENERGY, Jiang served on the executive committee of the ACM’s emerging interest group on energy.  At Columbia, Jiang also co-Chairs the Smart Cities Center at the Data Science Institute, which conducts interdisciplinary research in urban environments.