EE PhD Student Craig Gutterman Wins NYC Media Lab Summit Top Prize in Enabling Technology

October 02, 2019

NYC Media Lab ’19 featured a Demo Expo and Startup Pavilion — a showcase of 100 emerging media and technology prototypes created by faculty and students across the City. Demo participants are presenting their startups, research, and prototypes to a crowd of more than 1,000 attendees, including thought leaders and fellow technologists from leading digital media, technology, and communications companies.

EE PhD student Craig Gutterman,  Engineering student Trey Gilliland, EE Professor Ethan Katz-Bassett and Katherine Guo of Bell Labs, received the top award in Enabling Technology for their project: Real-Time QoE Detection for Encrypted YouTube Traffic: As video traffic dominates the Internet, operators need to detect video Quality of Experience (QoE) to ensure video traffic support; however, with deployment of end-to-end encryption, network packet-based detection is becoming ineffective. To resolve this issue, Requet enables real-time QoE metric detection for encrypted video traffic using machine learning.