Prof. John Wright Co-Leads New NSF Research Institute to Accelerate AI Discovery

August 04, 2021

In partnership with Columbia University, the University of Washington and Harvard, the new AI Institute for Dynamic Systems will focus on developing new machine learning ideas and techniques.

The AI Institute is one of 11 new NSF-funded centers that are part of a larger $220 million investment in AI and AI-enabled research. The Institute’s goal is to integrate AI and machine learning with physics-based models to tackle some of the biggest challenges in science and engineering, such as materials discovery. The Columbia team wants to use AI to help scientists and engineers speed up their work. “Businesses use AI primarily for prediction; scientists use AI for gaining insight,” says Lipson. “There is a limit to what we can understand with our naked brain. Once we can use AI to amplify discovery, however, all bets are off.”

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