Manufacturing Challenges of MicroLEDs

EE Prof. Ioannis Kymissis and his students Vikrant Kumar, Keith Behrman were featured on the cover of the Physics Today for their research about the manufacturing challenges of microLEDs. 

Xintian Tina Wang
May 29, 2024

Electrical Engineering Professor Ioannis Kymissis, along with his students Vikrant Kumar and Keith Behrman, are featured on the cover of the June 2024 issue of Physics Today. 

The article discusses the manufacturing challenges associated with microLEDs and highlights their potential applications in the display industry. MicroLED technology, while promising for its superior brightness and energy efficiency, faces hurdles in production scalability and cost-effectiveness. The discussion sheds light on how overcoming these obstacles could revolutionize display technologies. 

Read their original paper here