EE Prof. Keren Bergman Bridges Photonics and Electronics at the Edge

At IEEE's 74th ECTC, Keren Bergman explored the complexities and breakthroughs in co-packaging photonic and electronic components. In her keynote, she discussed cutting-edge techniques to bring photonic chips closer to compute, memory, and other crucial system elements, and we had the opportunity to delve deeper into her insights.

Xintian Tina Wang
June 06, 2024

At the 74th IEEE Electronics and Components Technology Conference (ECTC), EE Professor Keren Bergman was invited to deliver a compelling keynote speech highlighting the latest advancements and ongoing challenges in co-packaging photonic and electronic components. As the demand for faster and more efficient computing systems grows, integrating photonics with electronics at the edge has become a critical focus area. Bergman shared innovative techniques to bridge the gap between photonic chips and electrical components, including compute and memory systems. 

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