Negar Reiskaramian Received Multiple Awards

February 22, 2017

Electrical Engineering PhD student Negar Reiskarimian has recently been honored with four prestigious awards in recognition of her outstanding research work and academic accomplishments.

  • The 2016-2017 IEEE Solid-State Circuits Society Pre-doctoral Achievement Award (announced December 2017) is awarded for academic achievement and publication merit. Negar is the only female student to receive this award for 2016-17. The award was presented at the 2017 IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC) held February 5-9th in San Francisco, California.
  • The Analog Devices 2017 ISSCC Outstanding Student Designer Award (announced January 2017) was also awarded at ISSCC in San Francisco. The ADI press release explains that this award is “a way to connect with students at key university programs and help bring awareness to the importance of the discipline of IC design.”
  • Caltech's Young Investigator Lecturer in Engineering and Applied Sciences (announced February 2017) is hosted by Caltech’s Division of Engineering and Applied Science and is awarded to female and under-represented minority PhD students and postdoctoral scholars. Negar shares: “The award is an invitation to present my research at Caltech. The application was very competitive and it's an honor to be selected.”  
  • The 2017 IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society Graduate Fellowship (announced February 2017) honors top graduate students for their research activities and promise in microwave engineering. Negar is the 4th Columbia Ph.D. student and the 3rd CoSMIC Lab member to win this award since 2013. The award will be presented at the 2017 IEEE International Microwave Symposium in Honolulu in June.

These four awards recognize Negar’s doctoral research entitled “Enabling Fully-Integrated Magnetic-Free Non-Reciprocal Antenna Interfaces by Breaking Lorentz Reciprocity: From Physics to Applications.” As a member of Professor Harish Krishnaswamy’s.CoSMIC Lab, Negar’s research addresses the theory, design, and experimental validation of analog/RF/millimeter-wave integrated circuits and systems, with particular focus on novel non-reciprocal components for emerging wireless communication paradigms.

Most recently, Negar’s work on breaking reciprocity through the use of linear, periodically time-varying (LPTV) circuitshas resulted in the first integrated passive magnetic-free circulator built on a CMOS platform. The circulator has a much smaller form factor compared to magnetic counterparts and achieves low loss, high isolation, and high transmitter to receiver isolation. The novel circulator structure and receiver constitute a full-duplex receiver architecture that achieves state-of-the-art performance when compared to prior full-duplex receivers that integrate a shared-antenna interface on-chip. Negar’s work has been published in Nature Communications and International Solid-State Circuit Conference (ISSCC).

In addition to her work with the CoSMIC Lab, Negar is a member of Columbia’s FlexICoN project, a collaborative interdisciplinary project between Professor Krishnaswamy’s group and Professor Zussman’s group. FlexICoN addresses cross-layer challenges in the design of compact ICs and focuses on the design of MAC and PHY layers for Full-Duplex (FD) wireless communication systems.

The EE Department congratulates Negar for these well-deserved awards in honor of her academic achievements and research contributions!