Prof. Chang Receives New Grants from DARPA and DOJ

October 07, 2010

Prof. Chang takes part in two large team projects on video retrieval and analysis funded by DARPA and another one on forensics sciences funded by Department of Justice.

One DARPA project, PerSEAS (Persistent Stare Exploitation and Analysis System), in collaboration with several companies and universities, aims at developing innovative research in the area of airborne, wide area motion imagery processing, analysis, and exploitation. The second DARPA project, VIRAT (Video Image Retrieval and Analysis Tool), aims at development of a database that could store large quantities of video, and make it easily searchable by intelligence agents to find video content of interest.

The three-year project funded by Department of Justice will develop a science base and open source software for bloodstain pattern analysis. It is a joint project in collaboration with Prof. Daniel Attinger (PI) of Mechanical Engineering and Prof. Marc Spiegelman of APAM and Earth and Environmental Sciences.