Past Event

Wave Control via Metasurfaces, Modulation, Non-Linearities, and Mode Selection

November 8, 2019
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
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Dr. Jason SoricRaytheon

In this talk, we look at ways metamaterial technologies have solved modern-day challenges. Engineered metasurfaces have shown to strongly suppress scattering at all angles, while still allowing for field penetration inside the “cloaked” region. This important property opens great opportunities across a multitude of sensor applications. We will explore practical applications of cloaking techniques including: low observability, co-site interference mitigation, and low observable sensors with optimal received power. Applications of ferrite-less non-reciprocity will also be discussed using spatio-temporal modulation and non-linearities. Here, we look at experimental demonstrations of non-reciprocal antennas using dispersion engineering and isolators using non-linearities.


Jason C. Soric, PhD is a Senior Electrical Engineer in product development at Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems (IDS). Dr. Soric joined Raytheon IDS in 2016 where his activities include high power solid-state power amplifiers, microwave acoustics, and microwave magnetics. Dr. Soric has over 8 years of professional experience across a wide range of topics from electro/magneto-dynamics to antenna and circuit design. His notable contributions include the first of its kind realization of the ultra-thin “mantle” metasurface for co-site interference mitigation and demonstrations of spatio-temporally modulated devices, including, magnetic-free circulators and non-reciprocal antennas. Dr. Soric received 1st place presentation at the 2012 WMCS hosted at Baylor University in Waco, TX. He also received 3rd place in the student paper competition (SPC) at the 2012 IEEE APS in Chicago, IL, and was selected as a 2014 finalist and 2015 honorable mention for the SPC of the same conference in Memphis, TN and Vancouver, BC, respectively. He received the company-wide Raytheon IDEA award in 2017, and served as an industry liaison for SRC JUMP and AFOSR since 2018. Dr. Soric was the IEEE Microwave Magazine Guest Editor in 2019, and he has authored or co-authored 12 journal papers and 19 conference papers and currently holds six patents.