EE MS Thesis

The Department of Electrical Engineering offers qualified MS students the option to write a Master’s Thesis. This option is introduced to encourage students to gain hands-on research experience during their MS studies, and a high-quality thesis document can be a valuable asset in job searches or applications to PhD programs. The MS thesis is optional, i.e. it is not a requirement of the MS program.

Writing an MS thesis is open to EE MS students who meet the GPA requirements and who find a faculty member who wants to serve as the thesis advisor. A thesis project spans two or more semesters. It starts as an ELEN E6001 or E6002 advanced research project in one semester. Then, students can continue their project and sign up for the E6003 Master Thesis (description in the SEAS bulletin) in a subsequent semester. Students must obtain the advisor’s permission to enroll in these research classes.

The E6003 Master Thesis culminates in a verbal presentation and a written thesis document. Students must use a department recommended format for thesis writing. The thesis project and document are approved and graded by the thesis advisor.