Profs. Hendon, Shepard and Khodagholy Receive 2021 Columbia Engineering SIRS/STAR Awards

August 24, 2021

The SEAS Interdisciplinary Research Seed (SIRS) and SEAS Translational Acceleration Research (STAR) programs are important funding sources for interdisciplinary and translational faculty research at Columbia. These programs have supported bold, new, collaborative research and the translation of early-stage research to real-world solutions since 2016.

We are happy to announce that three EE Professors were selected as recipients.

STAR / The Blavatnik Fund for Engineering Innovations in Health
Project: Near infrared spectroscopy ventricular substrate mapping catheter
PIs: Christine Hendon and Amardeep Saluja (CUIMC)

Summary: They aim to develop a multi-detector near infrared spectroscopy mapping catheter to enable identification of critical substrates within the heart that could maintain and support abnormal rhythms and critical structures to avoid. They will also develop automated algorithms to identify regions scar to target and coronary arteries to avoid during ablation of ventricular arrhythmias.

Bidirectional, wireless, electrical neural interfacing through the vasculature
PIs: Ken Shepard and E. Sander Connolly (CUIMC)

More information coming soon.

Project: Two Dimensional Biosensing Materials for Translational Neuroelectronics
PIs: Dion Khodagholy, James Hone, and Jennifer Gelinas (CUIMC)

Summary: Use of mixed-conducting particulate composite and 2D material flakes to enable non-invasive, high spatiotemporal resolution electromyography (EMG) and force sensing in non-human primates. Our working hypothesis is that the combination of MCP and 2D material-based pressure sensors will permit simultaneous acquisition of activity from numerous motor units and their output, vastly outperforming measurements obtained using conventional implantable single wires, and to map the relationship between motor cortex signals and individual motor units during a learned motor task in non-human primates.