PhD Alumnus Jin Zhou Receives NSF Career Award

April 16, 2021

EE PhD alumnus (2017) Jin Zhou received an NSF Career Award in support of early-career faculty who have the potential to serve as academic role models in both research and education and can advance the mission of their respective department or organization. Jin received his PhD under the guidance of Prof. Harish Krishnaswamy.

He received this award for his project titled "CAREER: Commutated-LC Circuits for Next-Generation RF-Domain Signal Processing". In this project, he and his students will aim to tackle the fundamental limits of existing switched-capacitor circuits by introducing new commutated-inductor-capacitor (commutated-LC) circuits. This has the potential to substantially reduce the cost and size of next-generation wireless systems, thereby benefiting society through increasing wireless broadband access. More information on his project can be found here.

Currently, Jin is an Assistant Professor at ECE Illinois. Together with his students, Jin conducts research, broadly speaking, in inventing and designing new integrated circuits and systems for wireless applications. Jin and his team have been working on projects that will allow future intelligent broadband devices to operate in crowded wireless environments. With the proliferation of wireless technologies, the electromagnetic spectrum has become increasingly congested. Their research in this domain has the potential to benefit society through increasing wireless broadband access. Jin also teaches courses such as introduction to electronics, electronic circuits, and radio-frequency integrated circuits design.

"During my time at Columbia, my advisor Harish set a great example for us as a researcher and educator. This has a long-lasting influence on me. I really enjoyed my time at Columbia EE and hope to come back and visit soon," he said.