The EE Department Welcomes Assistant Professor Tanvir Ahmed Khan

July 01, 2023

The Electrical Engineering department is proud to announce the addition of Assistant Professor Tanvir Ahmed Khan to its faculty. Starting in January 2024, Tanvir will bring his expertise in hardware/software co-design to the department, focusing on enhancing the efficiency of data center applications.

In today's interconnected world, data centers play a vital role in powering essential web services that millions of users rely on daily. However, the scale of these operations comes at a significant cost, both in terms of financial expenses and energy consumption. Tanvir's research aims to address these challenges by reimagining the relationship between hardware and software, enabling processors to operate more efficiently.

By pushing the boundaries of hardware/software co-design, Tanvir seeks to unlock the potential for significant improvements in data center efficiency. His work tackles the limitations faced by current systems, where software lacks the capability to diagnose and solve hardware-related issues. Through the development of innovative systems interfaces and architectural abstractions, Tanvir empowers software to better understand and mitigate hardware problems, revolutionizing processor design.

The impact of Tanvir's research has already garnered attention from leading industry players, with Intel and ARM adopting his techniques to enhance the performance of their data center processors. His outstanding contributions have also been recognized by the MICRO 2022 Best Paper Award, DATE 2023 Best Paper Award Nomination, IEEE Micro Top Picks 2023 distinction, and prestigious fellowships.

Excited to collaborate with interdisciplinary research institutes and initiatives at Columbia University, Tanvir plans to design a graduate-level course on hardware/software co-design, emphasizing the significance of efficient data center processing. He also aims to join forces with initiatives like the Columbia University and Amazon Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) Program, the Summer High School Academic Program for Engineers (SHAPE), and the Engineering the Next Generation (ENG) program. Additionally, Tanvir will establish mentoring programs to guide and empower students from underserved groups, helping them launch successful careers in computing.

The Department looks forward to Tanvir’s contributions to advancing data center efficiency, improving user experiences, and driving sustainable energy practices.