John Kymissis Elected Fellow of Society for Information Display

Ann Rae Jonas
February 05, 2018

Professor Ioannis (John) Kymissis has been elected a fellow of the Society for Information Display (SID). The distinction recognizes a scientist or engineer who has made significant contributions to the field of information display. Kymissis has been recognized for his work in organic thin-film electronics, field-emission displays, and microLEDs.

Founded in 1962, SID organizes publications, conferences, and standards that advance materials, devices, and systems for display electronics; the underlying chemistry, physics, physiology, and psychology of display systems; measurement techniques and manufacturing technologies; and the interaction between display equipment and its users. SID has about 5,000 members worldwide, active in the field of display technology.

Kymissis heads CLUE (the Columbia Laboratory for Unconventional Electronics), which develops thin-film and hybrid systems for a variety of advanced electronics applications, including sensing, mechanical actuation, display, and energy conversion. A number of these systems have been developed for commercial use. The lab also applies advanced analytic techniques to understand the underlying physics of thin-film systems. Kymissis' research focuses in particular on applications of organic semiconductors, thin-film piezoelectrics, and recrystallized silicon devices.

Kymissis, who joined Columbia in 2006, earned his SB, MEng, and PhD degrees, and was a postdoctoral fellow, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He also participated in a cooperative program through which he completed his MEng thesis at IBM Research. Prior to coming to Columbia, he was a senior engineer at QDVision.