Past Event

Redesigning Network Abstractions for Fun and Profit!

April 22, 2021
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
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Today, the internet addresses a broader array of applications (e.g., augmented reality or smart cars), traffic demands (e.g., live streaming), and infrastructure constraints (e.g., 5G) than ever. My work explores network state management and reconfiguration algorithms that quickly adapt to these growing requirements in a fine-grained and flexible manner.

In this talk, I will describe several results: First, I will present a novel global state layer that allowed us to correlate events across the network and detect a novel set of problems. Second, I will discuss our network state update abstraction, SCC, which provides rapid network reconfiguration using causal consistency semantics. Third, I will describe a set of fault tolerance framework that recovers from outages by identifying and transforming events that capture state transformations. Finally, I will highlight the broader challenges for realizing general end-to-end networks that learn and adapt to changing requirements.


Theophilus Benson is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Brown University. He earned his B.S. from Tufts, Ph.D. from U of Wisconsin - Madison, and post-doctorate from Princeton. Dr. Benson's research focuses on improving the performance and availability of computer networks. His research was recognized by paper awards, including IMC, EuroSYS, ANRP. Dr. Benson received the NSF CAREER Award, NEC Faculty Award, Google Faculty Award, Facebook Faculty Award (X2), Faculty Research and Engagement Program (X2). Dr Benson was recently named to DARPA's ISAT (Information Science and Technology) study group.