EE Professor & Chair Peter Kinget Receives IEEE Solid-State Circuits Society Innovative Education Award

Eliese Lissner
February 20, 2020

Professor and Chair of the Electrical Engineering department, Professor Peter Kinget received the IEEE Solid-State Circuits Society Innovative Education Award (SSCS).

This award was established in 2019 (the inaugural award was given out in 2020 to Kinget) and recognizes and honors members who are making significant contributions to education in the field of solid-state circuits using innovative approaches.

“I am honored and pleased to see our education innovations recognized by the international solid-state circuits’ community that consists of both academia and industry. This would not have been possible without the support of MOSIS and the help of outstanding teaching assistants. These efforts build upon a long tradition of educational excellence in circuits and systems at Columbia EE,” Kinget said.

Kinget has developed several courses on silicon integrated circuit design that cover fundamentals to applications. These courses notably include ELEN E6350, "VLSI Design Lab", a graduate course in which students design actual silicon chips using state-of-the-art computer-aided design tools that are fabricated and tested followed by a demonstration application that is built around them. This type of hands-on experience within the course is valuable for students who continue graduate school in academia and also for students who pursue jobs in the semiconductor industry. This course has also led to many successful student design projects that have been completed over the several years that the course has been in existence.


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The mission of the IEEE Solid-State Circuits Society is to serve its members through education, communication, recognition, leadership opportunities, and networking.  Its field of interest is the design, implementation, and application of solid-state integrated circuits for all applications, including computers, communications, signal processing, and optoelectronics.