EE PhD Student Daniel de Godoy Wins IoTDI Demo Award

Ann Rae Jonas
April 29, 2018

PhD student Daniel de Godoy won the Best Demo Award at the third ACM/IEEE International Conference on Internet of Things Design and Implementation (IoTDI) for the demo “An Ultra-Low-Power Custom Integrated Circuit-Based Sound-Source Localization System.”

The annual conference, which this year took place in Orlando, Florida, April 17–20, focuses on IoT solutions to everyday problems. The other members of the Columbia team were Stephen Xia (EE PhD student), Wendy P. Fernandez (visiting undergraduate student from City College, NY), and Professors Xiaofan (Fred) Jiang and Peter R. Kinget

EE PhD Student Daniel de Godoy Wins IoTDI Demo Award

The winning project digitally extracts arrival-time differences from the analog output signals of a microphone array, digitizing only the relevant features. Traditional systems digitize a sensor’s entire analog output and then use digital signal processing to extract the features. Direct analog-to-feature extraction is extremely power efficient, as it avoids the need to deal with power-hungry multi-bit analog-to-digital convertors, large memory blocks, or digital computational blocks. The immediate motivation for the project was to improve the power consumption of a pedestrian safety headset that Columbia graduate students are developing in collaboration with graduate students from the University of North Carolina in a project sponsored by the National Science Foundation. 

EE PhD Student Daniel de Godoy Wins IoTDI Demo Award

De Godoy is a member of the Columbia Integrated Systems Lab (CISL) and the Columbia Intelligent and Connected Systems Lab (ICSL). His research focuses on the role of analog circuits and systems in energy-efficient IoT systems. Jiang is an assistant professor of electrical engineering and co-chair of the Smart Cities Center in the Data Science Institute. Kinget is the Bernard J. Lechner Professor of Electrical Engineering, electrical engineering chair, and a member of the steering committee for the Sense, Collect and Move Data Center in the Data Science Institute. 

De Godoy describes the demo in detail in this video:

BEST DEMO IoTDI 2018 - PCC-ATDE ultra-low-power sound-source localization CHIP