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    IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center

    Business Analytics and Mathematical Sciences

    1101 Kitchawan Rd. Yorktown Heights, NY, 10598

    RESEARCH (Recent papers in DVMM publication site)

    I joined IBM T. J. Watson Research as a research staff member in Nov. 2010.

    I was a graduate research assistant in DVMM lab at Columbia University, supervised by Prof. Shih-Fu Chang

    I was a TA of the new course "Large Scale Machine Learning" (fall 2010)

    I was a research intern in Google Research at New York (summer 2009)

    Learning to Hash for Large Scale Data Analytics
  • J. Wang and S. Kumar and S.-F. Chang, Semi-Supervised Hashing for Large Scale Search, to appear, IEEE Trans. on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence (TPAMI), 2012
  • W. Liu and J. Wang and Y. Mu and S. Kumar and S.-F. Chang, Compact Hyperplane Hashing with Bilinear Functions, in ICML, Edinburgh, Scotland, June 26- July 1, 2012
  • W. Liu and J. Wang and R. Ji and Y.-G. Jiang and S.-F. Chang, Supervised Hashing with Kernels, in CVPR, Providence, Rhode Island, Jun 16 - Jun 21, 2012 [Oral Presentation]
  • J. Wang, S. Kumar and S.-F. Chang, Sequential Projection Learning for Hashing with Compact Codes, in ICML, Haifa, Israel, 2010 [ppt][poster]
  • J. Wang, S. Kumar and S.-F. Chang, Semi-Supervised Hashing for Scalable Image Retrieval,  in CVPR, San Francisco, USA, 2010 [spotlight][poster] (after correction)
    Graph Based Learning and Prediction [project] [live demo] 
  • J. Wang and Y. Xia, Fast Graph Construction Using Auction Algorithm, The Conference on Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence (UAI), Catalina Island, USA, August 15-17, 2012
  • J. Wang and K. R. Varshney and A. Mojsilovi´c, Legislative Prediction via Random Walks over a Heterogeneous Graph, to appear, SIAM International Conference on Data Mining (SDM), Anaheim, California, USA, April 26-28, 2012
  • W. Liu and J. Wang and S. Kumar and S.-F. Chang, Hashing with Graphs, in ICML, Bellevue, Washington, USA, June 28-July 2, 2011
  • J. Wang, T. Jebara, and S.-F. Chang, Graph Transduction via Alternating Minimization, in ICML, Helsinki, Finland, 2008 [ppt][poster][video]
  • T. Jebara, J. Wang, and S.-F. Chang, Graph Construction and b-Matching for Semi-Supervised Learning, in ICML, Montreal, Quebec, 2009
    Image/Video Search, Annotation, and Re-Ranking [project] 
  • W. Liu, and J. Wang and S.-F. Chang Scalable Graph-Based Semi-Supervised Learning, , to appear, Proceedings of the IEEE, 2012
  • Y. G. Jiang and Qi Dai and J. Wang and C.-W. Ngo and X. Xue and S.-F. Chang , Fast Semantic Diffusion for Large Scale Context-Based Image and Video Annotation, in press, IEEE Trans. on Image Processing (TIP), 2012 [project page & source code]
  • Y.-G. Jiang and J. Wang and Shih-Fu Chang. Lost in Binarization: Query-Adaptive Ranking for Similar Image Search with Compact Codes. In Proceedings of ACM International Conference on Multimedia Retrieval (ICMR), Trento, Italy, April17-20, 2011
  • J. Wang, Y.-G. Jiang, S.-F. Chang, Label Diagnosis through Self Tuning for Web Image Search, in CVPR, Florida, USA, June 2009
  • Y.-G. Jiang, J. Wang, S.-F. Chang, C.-W. Ngo, Domain Adaptive Semantic Diffusion for Large Scale Context-Based Video Annotation, in ICCV, Kyoto, Janpan, 2009 [codes][project]
  • J. Wang, S.-F. Chang, X. Zhou, S. T. C. Wong, Active Microscopic Cellular Image Annotation by Superposable Graph Transduction with Imbalanced Labels, in CVPR, Alaska, USA, 2008, [project]
    Hybrid Neural-Computer Vision Sytems 
  • E. Pohlmeyer, J. Wang, D. C. Jangraw, B. Lou, S.-F. Chang, and P. Sajda, Closing the loop in Cortically- Coupled Computer Vision: a BCI for searching image databases, Journal of Neural Engineering, Vol. 8, No. 3, 2011
  • J. Wang, E. Pohlmeyer, B. Hanna, Y.-G. Jiang, P. Sajda, S.-F. Chang, Brain State Decoding for Rapid Image Retrieval, in ACM MM, Beijing, China, 2009 [related workshop]
  • P. Sajd, E. Pohlmeyer, J. Wang, L. C. Parra, C. Christoforou, J. Dmochowski, B. Hanna, C. Bahlmann, M. K. Singh, S.-F. Chang, In a Blink of an Eye and a Switch of a transistor: Cortically Coupled Computer Vision, Proceedings of the IEEE, 98(3):462-478, 2010
  • P. Sajda and E. Pohlmeyer and J. Wang and B. Hanna and L. C. Parra and S.-F. Chang, Cortically-Coupled Computer Vision , In Brain-Computer Interfaces: Applying our Minds to Human-Computer Interaction, Desney S. Tan, Anton Nijholt (eds.), Elsevier, 2010

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