The DVMM Lab at Columbia University is dedicated to research of multimedia content analysis, retrieval and communication. We are particularly interested in answering questions such as what information can be extracted by computers from images, videos and multimodal data, how such information can be harnessed to build large-scale search engines and recognition systems, and how to achieve optimal system performance in constrained environments such as mobile devices.

To reach these goals, we tackle related problems in computer vision, machine learning, signal processing and information retrieval with focus in the following areas.

multimedia search and retrieval
machine learning and computer vision
mobile communication and applications
media security and forensics
benchmarking and standard

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DVMM news (All news)
09/2014 NewsRover project won the 2nd demo prize at NYC Media Lab Summit (more)
09/2014 DVMM Demos at NYC Media Lab Summit: News Rover, Assistive Image Comment Robot (more)
05/2014 Yin Cui received Edwin Howard Armstrong Memorial Award (more)
04/2014 Subh and Felix won Best Paper Award at ICMR 2014 (more)
03/2014 Felix Yu received 2014 IBM PhD Fellowship Award (more)
11/2013 Brief survey of 20 years of MIR research published in TOMCCAP (more)
11/2013 Columbia NewsRover Project Demonstrated at NY Tech Meetup (more)
10/2013 DVMM Teams Won First and Second Prizes at ACM Multimedia 2013 Grand Challenges (more)
06/2013 Prof. Chang received Great Teacher Award (more)
06/2013 DVMM members won Best Poster/Demo Awards (more)
05/2013 Wei Liu receives Jury Thesis Award (more)
03/2013 DVMM Papers to appear in CVPR 2013 (more)
03/2013 Prof. Chang to receive IEEE Signal Processing Society Technical Achievement Award (more)

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