Columbia TAG (Transductive Annotation by Graph) System

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The Columbia TAG (Transductive Annotation by Graph) system is deigned to facilitate rapid retrieval and exploration of large image and video collections. It incorporates novel graph-based label propagation methods and intuitive graphic user interfaces (GUI) that allow users quickly browse and annotate a small number of images/videos, and then in real or near real time receive refined labels for all remaining unlabeled data in the collection. Using such refined labels, additional positive images/videos matching user's interest can be quickly discovered. It can be used as a fast search system alone, or a bootstrapping system for developing additional target recognition tools needed in critical image application domains such as intelligence, surveillance, consumer, biomedical, and Web. The diagram of TAG system is shown below.

The system diagram and usage modes of Columbia TAG (Transductive Annotation by Graph)System.

Video Demo (download high quality WMV movie)




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