Welcome to our VLSI Design Lab (E6350 Spring 2022) course project homepage. Here you will find all the information about our uD6350 chip that we designed and developed, as well as our experience working on the project.

uD6350 is a microLED driver IC designed to drive a custom 20 x 20 microLED array fabricated at Columbia University. The picture of the actual die of uD6350 IC is shown in Figure 1.

To explore the contents of our design and test process please use the navigation bar above. In addition, the video above shows the final result of our design.

Update Spring 2024

Demonstration using a custom microdisplay

We also were able to demonstrate uD6350 driving a passive-matrix microLED microdisplay. The display was fabricated in-house at the Columbia Nano Initiative clean room out of an epitaxial GaN on sapphire wafer with InGaN quantum wells for light emission. The fabricated display panel was wire bonded to a carrier PCB. This carrier PCB was then connected to the uD6350 evaluation PCB using a flex cable connector as shown below in subfigure (a). The IC is then programmed to store an array representing the course code "6350" which is illuminated on the microdisplay. The result is shown in microscope images in subfigures (c) and (d), with the display running at a refresh rate of 1562 Hz. This demo validates uD6350 for the use of driving a passive matrix microLED display.

Die Photo

Figure 1: uD6350 die photo

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