Current Graduate Students

Christos Tsanikidis (PhD). Research Topic: Algorithms for Scheduling Real-Time Packets in Wireless Networks

Mahshid Ghasemi (PhD). Research Topic: Real-Time Inference in Distributed Edge-Cloud Networks. Coadvised with Prof Gil Zussman.

Caiyi Yang (PhD). Research Topic: Geo-Distributed Machine Learning over WANs

Kengmin Lin (MS). Research Topic: Real-time Inference based on Lidar data.

Past Graduate Students

Mehrnoosh Shafiee (PhD), 2021. Quantitative Researcher at Citi. Thesis: Resource Allocation in Large-Scale Distributed Systems

Konstantinos Psychas (PhD), 2020. Software Engineer at Amazon Web Services (AWS). Thesis: Scalable Scheduling Policies with Performance Guarantees for Cloud Applications

Tashrif Billah (MS), 2017. Researcher Engineer at Harvard Medical School. Thesis: Scheduling Packets with Strict Delay Constraints in Wireless Networks