Package com.meapsoft

Interface Summary
FrameListener Interface for anyone who wants to be notified when an STFT has calculated a new frame.
OnsetListener Interface for listening to onset detectors.

Class Summary
AudioWriter Can write to a file or to an audio stream.
BasicHist A simple histogram class to count the frequency of values of a parameter of interest.
Chunk Representation of a single audio chunk (i.e.
ChunkDist A way to measure the distance between two chunks.
CosineDist Simple distance metric that calculates 1 - the cosine of the angle between two chunks' feature vectors.
EDLChunk Representation of an EDLFile Chunk Note that EDLChunk extends FeatChunk so that it can inherit the feature stuff from FeatChunk.
EDLFile Representation of a MEAPsoft edit decision list file.
EuclideanDist Simple distance metric calculating the euclidean distance (squared) between two chunks' feature vectors.
ExceptionHandler Standard interface for exception handlers.
FeatChunk Representation of a FeatFile Chunk
FeatExtractor Program that extracts features from the chunks listed in the input files.
FeatFile Representation of a MEAPsoft segment/feature file.
FFT Utility class to perform a fast fourier transform without allocating any extra memory.
Heap Abstract implementation of the basic functions needed for a binary heap using java.util.Vector as a back end.
MaxHeap Implementation of a binary max heap.
MEAPFile Representation of a MEAPsoft file.
MEAPUtil Abstract class that all MEAPsoft utilities must extend.
MinHeap Implementation of a binary min heap
RingMatrix A class to hold a matrix of values that is a ring buffer of columns.
Segmenter Program to segment input files and output text feature files compatible with other MEAPsoft tools.
SegmentExtractor Helper class for - does all of the work in fact.
STFT A class to extract and hold STFT info from an AudioInputStream.
Synthesizer Program that processes a MEAPsoft EDL file and synthesizes audio data from it.

Exception Summary
ParserException Exception when parsing MEAPsoft EDL/feature files.