Package com.meapsoft.composers

Class Summary
BlipComposer Program that adds a blip after each chunk
Composer Abstract class that defines the basic interface that all MEAPsoft composers should follow.
EDLComposer Simply take an existing EDL file and apply the various composer options (reverse, gain, etc.) to it.
HeadBangComposer Rocks it hard-core style.
HMMComposer Program that learns a simple fully connected hidden Markov model from a FeatFile and generates chunk sequences from it.
MashupComposer Program that composes a mashup by replacing each segment of the input file with the chunk in a given chunk database whos features most closely match those of the input chunk.
MeapaeMComposer Super simple demo Composer that just writes each chunk forward and then backward
NNComposer Program that composes an EDL by hopping around from chunk to chunk.
ShoobyComposer Program that composes an EDL by hopping around from chunk to chunk.
SortComposer Program that composes an EDL by sorting chunks in featFile based on some subset of their features using some distance metric.
ThresholdComposer ThresholdComposer selects chunks with feature values falling inside the top and bottom thresholds.
VQComposer Program that learns a vector quantizer from a FeatFile and uses it to quantize the chunks in another FeatFile.