Welcome to the home page of PPG Based Heart Rate & Respiratory Rate Monitor.

This project is part of the ELEN 6350 course that taught by Professor Peter Kinget in Spring 2022 at Columbia University. The goal of this course primary focus on exposing students to familiar with the entire Integrate-Circuit design including Conceive an integrated circuit and its application and specification, System level implementation, Circuit level design and verification, Layout implementation and DRC/LVS check, parasitic extraction, and post-layout simulations, Tape-out to the foundry, PCB level schematic and layout design as well as lastly functional verifications of the chip. The chip fabrication was generously contribution by Apple who offered to fabricate the IC and PCB that we designed.

Principle of Photophlethysmogram (PPG)

In terms of this project, our Heart rate and Respiratory Rate Monitor is a system that based on Photophlethysmogram (PPG) technique. PPG is a simple and economic technique that can be used to detect blood volume changes in the microvascular bed of tissue. We used red infrared LED and a photodetector sensor to form the detecting system, as the red infrared light changed after transmitting through finger, photodetector will generate a voltage fluctuation because of the change of light absorption through the finger, then the sensor will transmit the signal to our chip.

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