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The midterm will be taken on Wednesday Jul 15, 2015, as a time-limited take-home.

You must spend only 75 minutes (one regular class period) working on the test. The test is open-book and open-notes. You may use a calculator, but not a laptop, nor graphing functions on a calculator. You are on your honor to present only your own work, and you must not discuss your solutions with anyone else prior to submission.

To help with preparation, here are a couple of past exams:

Midterm for yearQuestionsSolutions
2010 midterm solutions
2011 midterm solutions
2012 midterm solutions


The final exam will be held on Monday August 24th 2015.

Here are some final exams from previous years, to give you an idea what to expect. This year's exam will be the same in format etc.

Final for yearQuestionsSolutions
2011 final solutions
2012 final solutions

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