The analysis of emotion, affect and sentiment from visual content has become an exciting area in the multimedia community allowing to build new applications for brand monitoring, advertising, and opinion mining. There exists no corpora for sentiment analysis on visual content, and therefore limits the progress in this critical area. To stimulate innovative research on this challenging issue, we constructed a new benchmark and database (you can browse the database at VSO Browsing Interface). This database contains a Visual Sentiment Ontology (VSO) consisting of 3244 adjective noun pairs (ANP), SentiBank a set of 1200 trained visual concept detectors providing a mid-level representation of sentiment, associated training images acquired from Flickr, and a benchmark containing 603 photo tweets covering a diverse set of 21 topics.

This website provides the above mentioned material for download and is structured as the following:
Benchmark and Dataset Citation
Damian Borth, Rongrong Ji, Tao Chen, Thomas Breuel and Shih-Fu Chang. "Large-scale Visual Sentiment Ontology and Detectors Using Adjective Noun Pairs," ACM Multimedia Conference, Barcelona, Oct 2013.
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Visual Sentiment Ontology: Ontology and Concepts Visual Sentiment Ontology: Image Dataset SentiBank: Visual Sentiment Concept Classifiers Photo Tweet
Sentiment Benchmark
The database consist of two datasets, a set of Flickr images with Creative Common (CC) licenses used in training/testing 1200 ANPs detectors in SentiBank and the set of images associated with the full VSO including 3244 ANPs.

Flickr Image Dataset with CC Licenses Used in Training/Testing SentiBank Detectors
This dataset organized by 1553 ANPs was used to train and test 1200 ANP detectors included in SentiBank v1.0~v1.02. Both the URL list and the actual image set are provided below.

Flickr Image Dataset for the Full VSO
This dataset contains Flickr images for all 3244 ANPs including CC and non-CC images. They are used in the VSO Browsing Interface and train/test 1200 ANP detectors included in SentiBank v1.1. Because not all images are with CC licenses, only the URL list is provided below.

Files for Download
1. URL list of Flickr Image Dataset with CC
   licenses (organized by ANP)

2. The actual dataset of Flickr Image
   Dataset with CC licenses (organized by

3. The partition files of the training and
   testing data set for each ANP in the
   SentiBank (note two versions of testsets
   as described in the paper).

4. URL list of Flickr Image Dataset for the
   Full VSO (organized by ANP)

Selected Flickr images for four sample ANPs
By downloading the Flickr Dataset, you agree that 1) the use of the data is restricted to research or education purpose only, 2) all copyright and license restrictions associated with the dataset/code will be followed, and 3) the authors of the above paper and their affiliated organizations make no warranties regarding the database or software, including but not limited to non-infringement.