Welcome to the home page of EE6350 VLSI Design Lab for Spring 2014.

This graduate course focuses on the design, simulation, layout, verification and tape-out of an IC design. MOSIS is offering access to an IBM 0.18um CMOS technology for this course. MOSIS fabricates the chips that students subsequently test.

Please see below for the Student Feedback and the Project Reports and Videos

Spring 2014 Project Reports and Videos

Filter-less Class-D Audio Amplifier

Sarthak Kalani and Siddharth Shekar


Pulse Oximeter Based Heart Rate Monitor

Xiaowen Han and Muqing Liu


DM6350 - Portable Ultrasonic Distance Sensor

D. de Godoy Peixoto and Miguel Costa


High Dynamic Range Photo Detector

Matthew Bajor and Hassan Edrees


More project descriptions and videos will be posted shortly; please check back.

Spring 2014 Student Feedback

The course really provides a comprehensive overview of the complete IC design process in a short span of 1 year. Must-take course for analog designers, especially if you have sufficient confidence in simulations, but never got a chance to tape out and test a real chip.

This is the best course that I've taken in Columbia university. I have learn a lot, starting from the design, simulation, layout and testing technique. Thanks to professor Peter Kinget and the TAs for letting me become an expert in this field.

This course is heavier in terms of workload than the average graduate-level course, but the end product is that much more satisfying!

No pain no gain.

I learned a lot of new knowledge from this course and how to solve real problems. It's a very precious experience for me.

This course schedule is quite compacted, i.e. from concept to fabrication in 3 months, but I learned enormously in the process. It requires you to practice many skills as a real life electrical engineer, including circuit analysis, practical and robust design, IC layout and test, working with various constraints, PCB design and construction, choosing components and designing for test. The end results is something you can hold and demonstrate, and it is a great talking point during job interviews.