MS EE Honors Program

Starting with the class that joined in Fall 2015, top performing EE MS students are included in the MS Honors Program. This program recognizes the students who maintain an exceptionally high GPA during their studies at Columbia.

To qualify for inclusion in the MS Honors Program an active student has to complete at least 24 credits of coursework, 12 of which have to be from the selection of Electrical Engineering courses or joint courses of Electrical Engineering and other departments (see the MS checklist). Among these students, those whose GPA is at the top 10% will be included in the MS Honors Program.

In addition to the recognition, the MS Honors Program allows the students to both utilize their research skills and earn a scholarship of up to $5,000. Specifically, the students can serve as research assistants (RAs) for up to two times (e.g., in the summer and in the fall). Upon inclusion in the Honors program, it is up to the student to contact one of the EE faculty to arrange his/her assistance in the Faculty's lab. The students are awarded a stipend of $2500 per semester and up to two semesters allowed. The participation during the second semester is contingent upon maintaining the academic performance. If the students have identified the faculty who they will work for, they need to contact the Director of Finance and Administration to request the funding associated with the award.

In addition, MS Honors students are invited to participate in special academic and cultural events organized in their honor.

MS/PhD students or MS students who transfer into the Ph.D. program do not qualify to participate in the Honors program.

Note that top graduating MS students are recognized by the Master of Science Award of Excellence awarded to less than 5% of the graduating class.

2017 Spring MS EE Honors Students

2016 Spring MS EE Honors Students

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