Statistical Discovery and Fusion of Multi-modal
Features towards News Video Story Segmentation

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News story segmentation is essential for video indexing, summarization, and intelligence exploitation. In this paper, we applied and extended the Maximum Entropy statistical model to system atically induce and eRectively fuse diverse features from multiple levels and modalities, including visual, audio, and text, in international broadcast news videos. We have included various features such as motion, face, music/speech discrimination, speech rapidity, high-level text segmentation information, prosody, etc., and some novel features such as syllable cue terms and significant
pauses. The statistical fusion model is used to automatically discover relevant features contributing to the detection of story boundaries. We also introduced a novel feature wrapper to address heterogenous features { usually asynchronous, variant-timescale, and either discrete or continuous. We demonstrated encouraging performance (F1 measures up to 0.76 in ABC news, 0.73 in CNN news, and 0.90 in Mandarin news), presented how these multi-level multi-modal features construct the probabilistic framework. We further investigated and compared alternative statistical
approaches based on discriminative learning, i.e. Support Vector Machine (SVM), and ensemble learning, i.e. Boosting. We evaluated the experiments and analyze erroneous cases with Mandarin news and the context of TRECVID video retrieval benchmarking event 2003 with around 120-hour CNN/ABC news videos.

The following diagram illustrates some of the features considered in discriminating a candidate point in time to story boundary or not using the multi-modal features observed in a surrounding window. Key issues include feature selection, spatio-temporal model estimation, and handling of imbalanced data.



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