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Multimedia Search and Retrieval | past projects

MEMEX: Extra Large Scale Image Search
Hashing for Large-Scale Matching and Retrieval
Temporal Action Localization in Untrimmed Videos
LarSDE: Large-Scale Dynamic Event Detection
News Rover
Visual Sentiment Ontology and SentiBank Concept Detectors
Graph-Based Semi-Supervised Learning and Applications
Brain Machine Interface for Image Search
Weak attributes for large-scale image retrieval
AICER: Assistive Image CommEnt Robot
Columbia Consumer Video (CCV) Database: A Benchmark for Consumer Video Analysis
CuZero: Zero-Latency Interactive Video Search by Semantic Concepts

Robust Late Fusion with Rank Minimization
Active Query Sensing for Mobile Location Search
DARPA Shredder Challenge 2011
Concept-Based Video Search with Flickr Context Similarity
Domain Adaptive Semantic Diffusion for Large Scale Context-Based Video Annotation
Microscopic Image Annotation and Inference System
Tracing the Manipulation Histories of Photographs on the Web
Applying Hundreds of Visual Concept Detectors for Video Search via Reranking

Automatic Discovery of Query-Class-Dependent Models for Multimodal Search
Visual Islands: Intuitive Browsing of Visual Search Results
Columbia University at TRECVID 2006: Semantic Visual Concept Detection and Video Search
Columbia374: Baseline Detectors for 374 LSCOM Semantic Visual Concepts

Image Near-Duplicate Detection by Part-based Learning

Video Mining and Spatio-Temporal Event Discovery


Topic Tracking across Broadcast News Videos with Visual Duplicates and Semantic Concepts

Image/Video Search Reranking via Information Bottleneck Principle

Perceptual-level Video Skimming & Summarization

Columbia News Video Search Engine and TRECVID 2005 Evaluation

Sports Structure Parsing Using HMM

DEVL - Echocardiogram Video Indexing / Summarization for Medical Application

Sports Highlight Summarization Using Text Recognition


A User Study for Understanding Dimension of Interest of Consumer Video

Content-based Image Search using Region & Contour Features

Event Mining in Multi AV Sensor Surveillance System


IMKA - Multimedia Knowledge Extraction & Applications for Annotated Content

Audio-Visual Scene Seqmentation


Automatic Feature Discovery in Video Story Segmentation

News Story Segmentation Using Statistic Fusion of Multimedia Cues





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