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Debasis Mitra joined Columbia University as Professor of Electrical Engineering in 2013. Prior to joining Columbia he worked at Bell Labs for 44 years.

His current research interests are in the scientific foundations of policy that impact engineers and engineering systems, especially in models, analyses and syntheses of organizational and individual interactions. Instances are network neutrality, network economics, and the science and management of innovations and knowledge-creation. In the recent past his research has been in traffic engineering of communication networks, cooperative inter-networking, planning for network infrastructure and network resource sharing.

Debasis Mitra served as Vice President of the Mathematical and Algorithmic Sciences Research Center in Bell Labs during 1999-2007. He directed work in fundamental mathematics, algorithms, complex systems analysis and optimization, statistics, information & communication sciences and operations research. During 2008-2013 he served as Vice President, Chief Scientist’s Office, Bell Labs, and had responsibility for global research partnerships, academic relations and technical excellence.

Debasis Mitra is a member of the National Academy of Engineering, a Bell Labs Fellow and a Life Fellow of the IEEE. He is a recipient of the 2012 ACM SIGMETRICS Lifetime Achievement Award, the 2012 Arne Jensen Lifetime Achievement Award from the International Teletraffic Congress, 1998 IEEE Eric E. Sumner Award, the 1993 Steven O. Rice Prize Paper Award and the 1982 Guillemin-Cauer Prize Paper Award of the IEEE, among other awards.

Debasis Mitra has been on the editorial boards of the IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, the IEEE Transactions of Communications, the IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems, Queueing Systems (QUESTA) and Operations Research. He is author of over 100 journal publications and holds over 20 patents.

In 2003 he served as the Chair of the Telecom review panel of the N.J. Commission on Jobs Growth and Economic Development. During 2006-2010 he served on the Air Force Studies Board of the National Academies. He has served on the IEEE COMSOC Awards Committee, the Review Panel of the Institute on Infocomm Research in Singapore and the Advisory Committee to CEET in the University of Melbourne. He has served on the panel of the National Academies to assess Information Technology at NIST, and is currently serving on the Army Research Laboratory Technical Assessment Board where he chairs the panel that assesses the Computational and Information Sciences Directorate.

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