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Experiments in Content-Based Image Retrieval

Lexing Xie <[email protected]>
Oct 27th, 2001

Realize a basic content-based image retrival(CBIR) system, and have a better understanding of the problems solved or being solved in this area.

CBIR in a nutshell:
Task: Given an image(the query), find most similar images in the database.
Method: Extract a pre-selected set of features from each of the query image and images in the database, use some or all of the features to construct a feature space, and the closest points in this high-dimensional feature space are returned as the closest match.
Issues: how to select features, how to construct the space, how to measusre the distances in the space, how to switch between different set of features, different spaces, or different distance measures ... etc, etc.

Table of Contents:

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