Xanadu Halkias
Columbia University, Dept of Electrical Engineering

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Audio processing of dolphin and whale sounds was something that always interest me. As a new member of LabRosa and with the help of Prof. Dan Ellis i am willing to take on this challenge along with so many other scientists.
This project combines all the things that i like. The sea, dolphins, audio, machine learning and a lot of questions in desparate need of answers.
I will be constantly updating this page with new information, links, cool papers, pictures and anything i can think of.
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    ASA Bioacoustics, IEEE, CiteSeer, Scholar Google, MobySoft, NOAA, Hawaii Univ., Macaulay Library
  • Talks
    03/25/05-LabRosa Group Meeting: slides [PDF]
    04/01/05-LabRosa Reading Group: slides [PDF] based on the first two papers, [McCowanetall99] and [Suzukietall05], listed bellow.
    05/17/05-IMMRAC, Haifa, Israel: slides [PDF]
    You can find a small taste of the people at IMMRAC as well as pics from the talk here
  • Interesting Papers
    B. McCowan, S. F. Hanser and L. R. Doyle. "Quantitative tools for comparing animal communication systems: information theory applied to bottlenose dolphin whistle repertoires". Animal Behaviour, 57, 409-419, 1999. [PDF]
    R. Suzuki, J. R. Buck and P. L. Tyack."The use of Zipf’s law in animal communication". Animal Behaviour, 69, F9-F17, 2005. [PDF]
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    Coming soon.

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