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composers.Composer Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Abstract class that defines the basic interface that all MEAPsoft composers should follow.

Ron Weiss (

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Public Methods

void setup () throws IOException, ParserException
 Setup the Composer - read in files, etc.

abstract EDLFile compose ()
 Compose an EDLFile.

void run ()
 Set everything up, process input, and write output.

void doComposer () throws IOException, ParserException
 Setup, compose, and write output file.

void addCommandToAllEDLChunks (String cmd)
 Add a command to all chunks in outFile.

void addCommandsToAllEDLChunks (Vector cmds)
 Add commands to all chunks in outFile.

void addCommand (String cmd)
 Add a command to be applied to all EDL chunks.

void parseCommands (String[] args, String argString)
 Parse command strings from the command line arguments.

Static Public Methods

void printCommandLineOptions (char arg)
 Print usage of Compose command line options.

Public Attributes

EDLFile outFile

Member Function Documentation

abstract EDLFile composers.Composer.compose   [pure virtual]

Compose an EDLFile.

This is where the magic happens.

Implemented in composers.BlipComposer, composers.EDLComposer, composers.HeadBangComposer, composers.HMMComposer, composers.IntraChunkShuffleComposer, composers.MashupComposer, composers.MeapaeMComposer, composers.NNComposer, composers.RotComposer, composers.ShoobyComposer, composers.SortComposer, composers.ThresholdComposer, and composers.VQComposer.

Referenced by composers.Composer.doComposer().

void composers.Composer.doComposer   throws IOException, ParserException [inline]

Setup, compose, and write output file.

Doesn't handle exceptions.

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References composers.Composer.addCommandsToAllEDLChunks(), composers.Composer.compose(), and composers.Composer.setup().

Referenced by

void composers.Composer.setup   throws IOException, ParserException [inline]

Setup the Composer - read in files, etc.

This should be called before any call to compose() to ensure that the inputs and outputs are properly initialized.

Reimplemented from meapsoft.MEAPUtil.

Reimplemented in composers.BlipComposer, composers.EDLComposer, composers.HeadBangComposer, composers.IntraChunkShuffleComposer, composers.MashupComposer, composers.MeapaeMComposer, composers.RotComposer, composers.SortComposer, composers.ThresholdComposer, and composers.VQComposer.

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Referenced by composers.Composer.doComposer().

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